The first wedding dance is one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. Therefore, everything must be perfect at this unique moment. With the guide of your experienced Limoges DJ, you can choose the ideal song and find the right timing. At what point should you get started? In general, there are no rules to follow. It all depends on the situation. Here are a few choices for the bride and groom.

Scheduling the first wedding dance before the meal service

To warm up the atmosphere, opening the ball before the meal is served is a good idea. In other words, the opening of the ball is scheduled as the bride and groom enter the reception hall. When is this possible and how do you ensure that the ball opens properly?

The configuration of the room, it's important!

To be able to open the ball before the start of the meal, the dance floor must be well cleared. There should be no tables on the space. In other words, the bride and groom must choose the reception area carefully, taking its configuration and size as the main criteria for their choice.

You have to bet on a very spacious room. That way, you won't have to set up tables on the dance floor. It will be available throughout the evening, which is practical. Guests can sit down for a while and rest after lighting up the dance floor.

Tips for a smooth first wedding dance

To make sure you have a successful opening, you have to organize it carefully. Know that the goal is to give a good show to the guests. Therefore, you must give them time to settle down at the table before starting the show. Once everyone is settled in, your DJ from the Limousin region can ask them to stand up to welcome the bride and groom.

You will have to stand back until the host announces your entry. Under the applause of the entire audience, you will be able to join the dance floor like real stars. All you have to do is open the ball. After your performance, the Limoges DJ can ask the guests to join you on the dance floor until the first course is served.

Look out! This little musical break shouldn't last too long. Otherwise, the guests might get hungry. Between 15 and 20 minutes are enough, the time needed for the caterer and his team to set up.


Programming the first wedding dance between two courses

This is the most common and practical choice, especially when the menu is long. Guests will be able to move around and have fun while waiting for the next course. It also makes the caterer's task easier. He will have more time to prepare the next dish. Simply adapt the length of the musical break to his needs.

The ideal plan

Between which dishes should we start the ball rolling? In most cases, it is scheduled between the serving of cheese and dessert. It must be said that dessert is often the longest and most difficult dish to prepare. Dressing requires meticulousness and precision.

So the caterer needs a little time to bring out the perfect dish, both in terms of flavour and presentation. In addition, dessert is often served as a buffet. This means that while the guests are busy on the dance floor, the caterer can carry out the installation with complete peace of mind.

When everything is ready, he can give the signal to the DJ in the Limousin region. The latter can then ask the guests to take their seats for dessert. Among other dishes, your Limoges DJ can programme other events such as wedding games or the showing of a film about your meeting.

The choice of the playlist is important!

To keep the guests on the dance floor after the opening of the ball, it is essential to choose the right playlist. Your DJ in Limoges has the experience required to select the perfect tracks, taking into account the profile of each guest and the atmosphere you want to create.

To amaze the elderly, the facilitator can propose ballroom dances such as waltz and tango. A bit of madison and rocks would also be perfect. But don't forget to please the younger ones.


Scheduling the first wedding dance after dessert 

Getting guests to dance between or during meals is sometimes difficult. As a result, it will be necessary to program the opening of the ball after dessert. It's also the perfect time to start the dance.

When should I choose this program? Opening the ball after dessert is sometimes the only valid choice. This is the case when the reception hall is too small. The dance floor is therefore occupied by tables. Thus, you have to wait until the end of the meal to be able to clear it. The same is true when the dance floor is set up in another room. It is not very appropriate to ask guests to move from one room to another throughout the meal.

But you can also voluntarily ask your DJ Limoges to program the opening of the ball after dessert. However, this is not very advisable if the menu is too long. The guests won't wait until 4 in the morning before they can dance.

When do we open the first wedding dance?

In reality, the choice is yours. It's up to you to make the right choice with the guide of your DJ in Limoges. However, there are a few rules to be respected. First of all, it is not advisable to wait until the early hours of the morning at the risk of seeing the guests tired or asleep on the spot. You should also avoid scheduling too many events, as they delay the opening of the ball.

When preparing the evening, therefore, it is necessary to set up a good organization. A meeting between the bride and groom, the organizer, the caterer and the DJ is necessary. Don't forget the family members who plan to host the party. The ideal is to open the ball between the last course and the dessert.

What's the idea for the first wedding dance?

According to tradition, the opening of the wedding ball is between the bride and groom and their parents. The groom dances with his mother and the bride with her father. It is then that the two lovebirds get together. If it's your choice, you can ask your Limousin DJ to play a waltz or a romantic song.

But, you can also choose a fairly rhythmical piece and prepare a special choreography. Alternatively, you can even contact your DJ in the Limousin region who can put his experience and know-how to your advantage by creating a superb medley with several pieces of music. You can then vary the rhythm during the choreography, which allows you to give an authentic show to your guests.

Of course, to make your ball opening perfect, it's best to practice in advance. Taking dance classes would even be ideal, especially if you've opted for a waltz or choreography. Besides, it's a good opportunity to test the shoes!

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