Marriage is the starting point of a life together. This is why it should be celebrated in an original and grand way. Most brides and grooms aim to create a romantic event in their own image. Recently, the secular ceremony has gained in popularity. What does it consist of? What's its advantage? How to organize a successful wedding ceremony?

A secular ceremony for everyone

The secular ceremony is defined as a symbolic and free celebration of a marriage. This means that a union celebrated in this way has no official aspect. Currently, the secular ceremony replaces the religious ceremony. It is attracting more and more couples, especially those who cannot or do not want to have a religious marriage. It must be said that it allows the bride and groom to break free from traditional codes.

In other words, the organization of the event becomes more convenient. You will be able to have the marriage that suits you according to your culture or belief. In general, the choice automatically turns to the secular ceremony in the case of remarriage, same-sex marriage or union between individuals of different religions. If one of the bride and groom is an atheist, the secular ceremony is also on the program.

A great freedom on the unfolding of the event

Being a symbolic celebration, the secular ceremony guarantees total freedom to the future bride and groom as regards the unfolding of the feast.

No need for a priest

First of all, the presence of a priest or clergyman is not necessary. Anyone can take the role of an officiant. For example, you can bet on a friend who knows your story, a relative or the wedding planner. That said, it is prudent to use someone with experience. After all, this is the biggest day of your life. Everything has to be perfect.

The choice of the place of the ceremony

In addition, you are free to choose the location and the course of the ceremony. In the majority of cases, outdoor weddings are gaining popularity. You can, among other things, opt for a wedding by the sea, in the middle of the forest, in a beautiful garden rented for the occasion, in a barn or another atypical place. However, nothing prevents you from preparing a classic ceremony in a reception hall or a castle.

Freedom in the choice of music

There is also great freedom in the choice of music during the wedding celebration. Usually, people bet on the bridal march for the bride and groom's entrance. In addition, during a religious marriage, hymns are to be preferred. In a secular ceremony, you can choose any kind of music.

The choice of decoration

The decor of the place is also yours. Whatever the setting you choose, you will be able to choose any style of decoration. Bohemian, fantasy, country, authentic or glamorous, you are the only master of decision. The decor must only match the chosen frame. But in any case, you do as you wish.

The use of a DJ for the smooth running of the event

Of course, you will be able to organise your wedding yourself. However, when it comes to music, the use of a professional is necessary. This will save you from problems and unpleasant surprises that will interfere with the smooth running of the ceremony. Your local DJ working throughout the Limousin region can help you choose the music for your wedding.

Indeed, he can offer you a selection of songs that might be suitable for the occasion. Of course, your desires and musical taste will be taken into account. For example, you can add to the playlist the love songs that have marked your history and your favourite songs. What is certain is that each step of the ceremony, to mention only the entrance of the bride and groom, will be done with music.

With your DJ in Limoges as your partner, you won't have to worry about the technical side of things. He can find a solution to every problem. No matter where you choose to hold your wedding ceremony, even if there is no power supply, you can be sure that your wedding ceremony will be held to music.

Please note that a standalone, all-purpose, public address system is available. It consists of wireless speakers and microphones that are battery operated. Your DJ has top-of-the-range equipment with good autonomy. So, no matter how long the ceremony lasts, you can count on the sound system to operate without interruption.

In addition, your Limoges-based DJ will take care of the settings of the various equipment installed such as microphones and amplifiers. In other words, the technician will make sure everything runs smoothly during the ceremony. All your guests will be able to hear your beautiful declarations of love.

Freedom in the writing of vows

The secular ceremony also allows the bride and groom to express their commitment in complete freedom. In other words, each of them can write their own vows, which is still interesting. Indeed, you can focus a little more on the feeling and the history of your couple. So it will be an emotional time!

You can exchange your wishes in a romantic way by adding a musical background. Your DJ can take care of broadcasting the music you choose. You can also add to the program the reading of a poem or a text about love and the union of two lovers. In other words, the wedding celebration will be truly unique.

The choice of rituals for the secular ceremony

The secular ceremony also allows the bride and groom to change the ritual a little, i.e. the traditional exchange of wedding rings and kissing. You can symbolize your union in other ways. Some couples choose for example the release of doves, the planting of a tree, the sand ritual, the release of lanterns, the love letter or the candle ritual. All these rituals give a romantic and original aspect to the event.

In addition to all this, it is possible to give the floor to a few guests during the ceremony. Indeed, your family or friends will be able to share a funny memory. Otherwise, they can just talk about your love story. Through the speeches, they will take part in the celebration of your union. It will give more charm to the ceremony. It will simply be memorable for each individual present on the site.

You can also create a video sequence that tells the story of how you met and the evolution of your relationship. It's another way to celebrate your love. Your DJ in Limousin can help you with the making of the film and its broadcasting during the ceremony. It has all the necessary equipment.

For a single event at a lower cost

Another advantage of the secular ceremony is that it allows you to control the budget dedicated to the organization of the event. Indeed, you can do simple things. For example, you are not obliged to rent a reception hall. In addition, you don't have to invest in lavish sets. All it takes is a little imagination to create a unique event at a low cost.

Photo credit : Vivien Malagnat & Unsplash