A magical moment


Relationship of trust

The success of your wedding depends a lot on the choice of the DJ and the atmosphere he will create. After many exchanges, we will naturally know how to make the right decisions to make your wedding an exceptional moment!

Our approach is to create the "right feeling" around a coffee, between your desires and our expertise. Our assets, to accompany you throughout the preparations of the wedding, from its conception to its realization.

Our Mission Statement

In an evening such as a wedding, where the age of the guests is often very heterogeneous, we know how to create a festive but discreet atmosphere, alternating the different musical climates so that the party lasts until the early hours of the morning.

To do this, throughout the year, we accompany you and help you to define the atmosphere you wish to bring to your cocktail, meal and dance, by making force of proposals and innovations.

Your wedding has to be just like you, so everything is flexible and we strive to meet your requirements. Whether you like it or not, the DJ is not the king of the party, but you are.

Adapted playlist

Everything can be adapted to suit all your guests' needs

Sober installation

Sober editing and discreet animation, we blend in with the decor.


Regular monitoring of the bride and groom and witnesses from conception to completion


Coordination with the various service providers ensuring total transparency.

Discretion and sobriety

Your wedding is a key moment in your life and that's why we favour discretion. As a DJ, we take the floor at the microphone only to guide your guests or pass on information and avoid too kitschy music.

Just like our philosophy, our installation and our play of light remain discreet. Overly aggressive projectors such as strobes or lasers are banned from our equipment to give way to sober effects that still know how to enhance the music.


Thanks to the many weddings that have taken place in Limoges and Limousin (Creuse, Corrèze and Haute-Vienne), we now have experience and knowledge of the different halls and estates in the Limousin region.

Offering a tailor-made offer, we will honestly recommend the equipment best suited to your needs for your event.

Our technical solutions are at the service of your desires. Indeed, we have a wide range of high-performance equipment at our disposal.

A little extra!

Our options

Discover our wedding options that will be added to your formula

The main stages of your marriage

Care all year round

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We will establish a relationship of trust over coffee and take note of all your requirements and expectations for your wedding.


The signature of the contract allows the service to be recorded. By this we commit ourselves to do everything possible to make your wedding a success.


A technical visit on site will allow us to check the good logistic and electrical conditions in order to anticipate bad surprises on D-day.


A short phone call a few days before your wedding will allow you to settle any last minute changes.


Two hours before the start of the wedding, we proceed with the installation in all discretion or we pay great attention to the visual aspect of the installation.

Services included


Sound system of the room


Lighting of the dance floor


Accompaniment in the animations


Wireless microphone


Preparatory meetings


Outside sound system for the vin d'honneur


Editing of custom playlists


Custom ball opening construction


Musical animation of the meal


On-site technical visit






Ball opening


Put all the chances on your side to make the best opening of the ball with our blog article full of good advice.


The sample below evokes exactly the type of performance and animation that we ban. The music is enough by itself, there is no need to add jingles or bad taste comments.