For future brides and grooms, preparing for a wedding is often a source of stress and anxiety. Between the ever-changing table plan, the decoration and the meal, nothing should be neglected. But we must also remember that the day will come when you will show the world your love for each other. One of the highlights of a wedding is probably the opening night. It's a moment of complicity that you two will share. It must then be perfect. Discover the different tricks that will make your first dance a magical moment.

Treat yourself to a little dance lesson

The best way to ensure the success of your prom opening is to take classes. If you already know how to dance, this will allow you to improve and learn new steps. If dancing is not your forte, a dance class for your wedding preparation is an opportunity not to be missed. Especially since it makes you aware of what your body can do. Then you'll be more comfortable for the big day.

Your dance teacher will be there to develop a choreography especially for you. Instead of simply reproducing movements that you found on the internet, he will be able to cope with both of your levels. The professional will be able to coordinate movements with the music of your choice. He can also advise you on certain points such as your choice of shoes or your starting posture.

An original ball opening

A ball opening isn't always the traditional waltz. There are many ways to bring a touch of originality to this moment. A slow dance can be a very good alternative to the waltz. Being intertwined on a large dance floor, you will feel like you are alone in the world. The first wedding dance will make you experience a beautiful intimate atmosphere, full of emotions.

To go further in the originality, it is possible to opt for a more lively dance. A swing or a salsa can set the mood from the very beginning of the ball. Zouk or kizumba is also very popular. This kind of dance brings a certain sensuality. You can also compose a choreography with a mix of several dances. Your DJ in Limoges can provide you with advice on this.

For those who enjoy sharing, the opening of the ball can be completely revisited. Some couples choose to dance with all the guests with a flashmob. It's a fun and original way to start the party.

Choose a music that suits you

The music that will accompany your dance is a base that should not be neglected. It is possible that you already have in mind a music that exactly defines your couple. Otherwise, you'll have to take some time to choose it. Careful, this step must be done in pairs. Make sure you agree on music that suits your couple.

The most important thing is that the selected music means something special to both of you. But also make sure you choose according to the style of dance you want. If you're not too comfortable with your body, don't bother with too much rhythmic music. The trick is to first choose the type of dance before choosing the music. But that does not prevent us from doing the opposite.

Don't neglect small rehearsals

If you have chosen to take dance classes with a professional, he or she will have you rehearse periodically. The purpose of these sessions will be to familiarize you with dance in general. As you spend more and more time on the track, you will notice that your body is more and more supple, your movements are more fluid. That is why it is advisable to devote some time to these sessions.

Also, try to take some of your free time to do small private rehearsals. This is really necessary if you have not called in a professional to help you. When you get home in the evening, instead of watching TV, turn on the music for your opening and practice. It will only take a few minutes a day. You can also rehearse over the weekend if you want.

A ball opening in good conditions

On D-Day, make sure that the conditions are right for a successful opening. Ask one of your bridesmaids to make sure the track doesn't slip. If ever it is the case, a best man can remedy it without being noticed.

You need to feel as comfortable as possible. For the bride, don't bother to dance with your pumps, no one will hold it against you if you don't. Provide lower shoes for the first dance. But you'll also have to be careful with your dress. If it's too long, you risk crushing it and falling. So use safety pins to lift it up before dancing. Always get help from your relatives (sisters, aunt, mother, girlfriends...).

Anyway, don't take too long to dance to the opening. This moment must be magical without being excessively long. The ideal time is 3 to 4 minutes.

Resting before going to the ball opening

Preparations force you to run around. Your schedule must be busy until the day before the wedding. And this can be true for those around you, but especially for your spouse. A few minutes before the first dance, give yourself a little break. With all the emotion of the ceremony and the guests that also had to be satisfied, you are about to experience another highlight of the day. Give yourself a little break.

For example, you can sneak away to a quiet place. Often in reception rooms, a small separate room is available for the bride and groom. This little time together will do you as much good as possible. It will also be an opportunity to prepare yourself mentally for the dance. You can also take advantage of this break to do one last little rehearsal.

A stress-free ball opening

During this short break of a few minutes, make sure you get rid of all the stress accumulated so far. Keep in mind that you have already done this dance several times in your living room, garden or during rehearsal sessions. Before going on the track, keep in mind that this moment is unique in the world. You may not get a chance to open your ballroom several times in your life.

During dance classes, normally you have already had the opportunity to become familiar with the way others look at you. Be aware that this moment belongs to you, you must feel alone in the world and happy to be married. Chase all negative thoughts out of your head and enjoy the present moment. Just apply what your teacher taught you and don't think about anything else. I'm sure he's given you some advice on how to control your emotions for the big day.

Photo credit : Vivien Malagnat & Unsplash